Routes through Athens

Mnimes Publications, 2001 (40 pages)

The English version of the book was released in the summer of 2003. The CD titled Routes Through Athens,  released by Warner Music, was translated into English with a different cover. Both the book and the CD are available by contacting or e-mailing the writer.

   Routes Through Athens is a personal tour through the historical Athens city centre to places where monuments from all periods of the city’s history, from antiquity to the present day, stand side by side. The poems were written from 1995 to autumn 2001. Composer Christos Nikolopoulos has set to music ten of these, along with six others of similar content not included in this volume. They were released on CD in December 2002 under the same title (in greek Diadromes) as this volume of poetry.

See also the cd single Routes through Athens

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