Grecia Libera (Free Greece)


(from Free Greece of Rome, 18 January 1973)

A photograph exhibition in Sicily


Selected and commented by F. Ladis


An original selection of 110 photographs and poems by Fondas Ladis was presented in several Sicilian towns in November and December (1972) entitled ‘Greece: Thirty Years of Struggle.’ Furthermore, 250 slides with photographs, musical scores and comments by Fondas Ladis and photographic editing by the well-known Italian photographer Carlo Masetti were presented under the title ‘Greece, Six Years of Dictatorship: Who, How and Why.’ Labour organisations, unions and student associations organised the event. The presentations were followed by long discussions.

   The event was successively presented in the towns of Barcelona, Castro Reale, Milazzo, Paterno, Noto, Augusta, Siracusa, Gela, Lentini, Catania, Misterbianco, Agrigento and Trapani.