Beer and grenadine


Angyra Publications, 2002 (120 pages)

Pyli Publications, 2007 (111 pages)

What is the connection between an insurance agent from the provinces passing through Athens and witnessing a savage crime from his hotel window with an Imbrian kiosk owner, who feels compelled to kill a crook? What is the connection between Suan Yu, a pretty stripper from Thailand, with Adam Kosewski, who arrives in Athens to look for his wife in the Polish hangouts of Acharnon Street? In addition, what is there inside the oblong parcel wrapped in rabbit fur? Why does Amalia, a Brazilian woman married to a factory owner living in Pangrati, push her seventeen-year-old daughter into the arms of a middle-aged man? And finally, who is the mysterious ‘hare,’ who flirts with the girls working in the bars of Koukaki?

    Thousands of dead-end microcosms endlessly cross back and forth over the blurred boundary between simple, everyday life and crime. Untold wishes and passionate sex, illegal betting and suspect dealings on the Internet, arms dealing, drugs and the merciless rivalry among the godfathers of the underworld are all there. After a long and successful career as a poet, prose writer and essayist, the author makes his own ‘cinematic’ contribution to the prose of the modern city.

    Beer and Grenadine: a narration consisting of many stories against a backdrop of known and unknown parts of Athens, and other Greek and foreign cities.

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