Bratt's secret


Diavlos Publications, 1996 (Pages 80)

Fondas Ladis: Bratt’s Secret

A spy novella by Fondas Ladis, whose main characters are a Russian agent and a pocket computer – as well as Russian, Italian and English agents as secondary characters – which is being proposed for cinema adaptation.

It is an original story, full of mystery, humour and continuous unexpected twists in present day post -communist Russia. The scenes take place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rome, Israel and Libya.

A few words about the novella

Yuri Maximovic Komov – an ex-KGB agent – seeks to find work and a reason for living in an ever-changing world. Places, old and new friends, past and future become confused in an exhilarating present.

Char Nicolai II and the imperial wines “Livadia”, plutonium and Priam’s treasure, secret ghost towns of the former U.S.S.R. scientists and an exhibition of jewelry, smuggled out of the country during the Bolsevik revolution figure in the story with the stolen KGB files lurking in the background.

“Everything is like those wooden Russian dolls that fit inside each other, only inverted. Every secret conceals within it another larger one”, says Maurizio, Komov’s writer-friend.

Bratt is one of the main characters in this narrative. He is a microscopic, electronic computer, whose name means “brother” in Russian.

“Bratt’s secret” was first published in “Flash” magazine. Afterwards, it was circulated on the Internet and then immediately published by “Diavlos” publications. Its publication in English is in pipeline.

The story unfolds through Komov’s entries in Bratt, in the form of a personal journal. It is dense in structure as the book does not exceed 80 pages, but it contains a wealth of situations, which can easily provide material for more than one cinema adaptations. The writer has at his disposal additional firsthand information, concerning all the places mentioned in the novella.